You’ll get what you want when it comes to ear tattoos, with a variety of styles and designs.

Here are our top picks for ear tattooers who will add to your look and feel.


Forearm rose tattoo (wearing a crown, and with an earring) This rose tattoo is a traditional sign of a lover and of love, but it can be a beautiful and effective way of communicating love.

It can be worn under your eyebrows, or over your ears.


Wavy, ribbed tattoo (with eyes and ears) This tattoo can be made with a wavy design, or with an eye.

It’s often made from white thread, or a darker shade of pink.

The result is an eye-catching design that can look good in a number of ways.


Necklace of flowers (waving your hand in front of you) This can be seen as an expression of affection, and it can look great on women as a way to express affection and closeness.

It looks particularly lovely on young women.


Necklaces with flower-shaped design (proudly waving your hand, and wearing a necklace) A traditional and very sexy tattoo design for women, and especially if you’re looking to get a little bolder.


Ear tattoos with floral design (wear a crown and wearing earrings) Ear tattoos are traditionally associated with love, and the flower design is used to express the love and closiness of your relationship.

It has also been linked to a higher level of love in some cultures.


Headband with floral and ear-shaped designs Ear tattoos can be used as a symbol of affection or a way of expressing affection and closeness.

The design on a headband with flowers and earrings can be interpreted as a sign of affection and intimacy.


Ear tattoo with floral pattern and flower pattern Ear tattoos make for beautiful earrings and earlobes, and you can add them to any hairstyle or outfit.


Neck tattoo with a rose, and ear tattoo with rose tattoo This ear tattoo can also be made in rose, which is a beautiful, feminine and easy-to-wear colour for earlobe and hair styles.


Ear-ring tattoo with ear tattoo (or both) Ear tattooing can be done with both an ear and a ring, with the colour chosen representing the wearer’s innermost feelings and emotions.


Ear with a flower on top of the tattoo, and head tattoo with flower on head and ear with a heart tattoo This head tattoo can symbolise your love, confidence and sense of purpose.


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