Football Italian – Posted 12 Sep 2016 08:11:26Tattooing is an art that takes time and practice, and is much more than simply a physical manifestation of someone’s personality.

The tattoo is an intimate expression of the person, and while there are countless ways to get one, there is a tattoo that really does stand out from the crowd.

Tattoos are an important part of the culture of a sport and, as such, they are often seen as a part of a player’s identity.

In Italy, it is believed that the vast majority of tattoos are done on the chest, with some people getting them done on both the arms and legs.

Tats have become so popular in recent years that, according to tattoo expert and tattoo expert John Kollman, they have become one of the most popular ways of gaining recognition within a sporting community.

“We have a tattoo industry that has grown by leaps and bounds since the 1970s,” he told Football Italia.

“It is the reason why the players and managers of the world are always looking for a new tattoo to do.”

The more tattoos that you have on your body, the more money you make.

“There is so much more to get done than just the arm tattoo, the legs tattoo, and the chest tattoo.”

Kollman is the founder of Tattoo World, a company that specialises in the care and treatment of tattoos and also has a range of services including a comprehensive tattoo treatment and a tattoo expert.

“In Italy, there are hundreds of different tattoo styles,” he explained.

“The most popular ones are the shoulder, the knee, the ankle and the forearm.”

For a footballer, a good tattoo is a reflection of his personality, which is why it is important to get the right tattoo for your body.

“To understand why, consider the tattoos that have been on the players’ chests since the 1990s.

Kollmans tattoo was on the right shoulder of Gianluca Vialli and his wife, Cristina.”

When I got the tattoo, I was in shock.””

It is my way of showing affection for my wife, who was the inspiration behind the design.”

When I got the tattoo, I was in shock.

“A lot of tattoos in Italy are done by hand, and it is really difficult to get an accurate representation on the skin.”

The tattoo was done on Vialli’s left arm and the right leg.

“Vialli was the player who inspired me,” Kollmans said.

“He was a real leader and the first one to have a football tattoo on his left arm.”

Vialli’s tattoos are now widely considered among the most famous in Italy, and are thought to have inspired many of the modern day players.

The right leg tattoo was given to Milan’s Paolo Maldini and was given after he was injured.

“After the knee tattoo, Maldini became a symbol of his character,” Kollsman said.’

I have had so many people ask me for my tattoo’Kollmann explained that while there were many different tattoo options, the best tattoo designs were usually found on the left side of the body.

“If you have the right side of your body covered, you can have it done by a tattooist.

If you have it on the other side of yourself, you will have to get a specialist to do it.”

But if you have a left side and a right side, you get it done in the same way.

“When it comes to the tattooing of the legs, it can be difficult to choose the right artist.”

While tattoos are considered a form of self-expression, Kollmen believes that the real value comes from getting a tattoo on your face.””

You will find a tattoo artist that has a very strong relationship with you and a very good knowledge of your tattoos.”

While tattoos are considered a form of self-expression, Kollmen believes that the real value comes from getting a tattoo on your face.

“Tattoons are an expression of who you are,” he added.

“Your personality and your personality is a key element of who we are.”

Everyone has the right to decide for themselves whether they want to have tattoos or not, but for me, it was important for me to get my face tattoo.

“This is why my tattoo on my face has such an impact on me.”

My tattoos have such a positive effect on my mind, and I know that I have a positive impact on people, because it makes me feel more authentic.

“The tattoos of Gianluigi Buffon are the most commonly tattooed of the Italian superstars, and have been featured on the covers of many magazines.”

Buffon’s tattoos have become iconic in Italian culture, and people from all over the world come to Milan for this reason,” Koller


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