By THE WASHINGTON POST/REUTERS A lot of people around the world are trying to learn how to make simple tattoos, a trend that has drawn international attention and prompted a number of new designs.

More than 100 people, including two Canadian chefs, one in the United States, two Canadians and two Britons, have received training at the University of Washington’s Department of Tattoo and Body Art.

In the U.S., the International Tattoo Education Consortium (ITEC), founded in 2014, offers a course to more than 500 tattoo artists and a network of instructors in 36 states and the District of Columbia.

ITEC also runs a workshop series in Washington, D.C., where instructors teach a hands-on course, including a free tutorial on simple tattoos.

The idea behind simple tattoos is to use a thin layer of ink on the skin and create an image with a small, thin circle.

The image is then then covered with the ink.

The idea is to create a simple, but recognizable, tattoo on the body that can be easily changed into a more complex one, such as a rose or a moon.

“There is an incredible number of people out there who have never done anything like this before,” said Mark Stahl, an ITEC instructor and tattoo artist in Washington.

Tattooers who have received the training say the basic concept is simple, and they hope to get better.

It can make the world look different. “

This is a very, very, high-quality, very beautiful tattoo.

It can make the world look different.

It is a big deal.”

The course is open to anyone from anyone.

Many of the courses are offered at universities, including the University, the University College London, the Imperial College London and the University in Vienna.

A couple of people in the U, however, are not attending classes.

They are taking online courses and are being taught by people from China, India, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, where tattoos are more common.

At first glance, the idea seems silly, said one of the instructors, Chris Begg, a Vancouver-based tattoo artist.

But there are benefits.

Tattooers can learn how a tattoo could be altered to create different designs.

Tattoos can be altered more easily.

Pugh said the courses provide a sense of security.

I feel safer that I am not going to do anything stupid, and that I can see a tattooed face in a mirror, she said.

Even though there are so few courses, people have been practicing the art for more than 20 years, Pugh said.

“I think this is a huge thing that has been happening in the art world for the past 20 years.

I think it is very important.”

The U.K.’s Department of Technology is also offering a course for people who want to try a few different styles, including sunburst, butterfly, moon and more.

An article in the Journal of Contemporary Dentistry in June, called “The Art of Simple Tattoos,” described the techniques for creating tattoos in a variety of colors.

This article is adapted from the Feb. 10 issue of The Washington Post.


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