This is the fourth installment in our series on the best sharks tattoos in the world.

The first was our interview with French tattoo artist Renaud Raffin.

Today, we’re looking at a tattoo designed by Brazilian tattoo artist Carlos Alberto de Araujo.

His tattoo design is a dove, but we’ll also be featuring his other shark designs as well. 

Araujo’s shark tattoo is one of the best we’ve seen.

The design, which can be found on Araujos tattoos, is a simple design, but it has a lot going for it.

The dove, with its deep black stripes, is in contrast to the shark.

Its black body and dark brown stripes contrast with the dark blue markings on the shark’s back and sides.

Arauja’s design is perfect for tattoos that are meant to be a representation of the ocean, and it’s also a good choice for those who are new to the tattoo art. 

Alberto de Arauso’s tattoo design is a perfect example of how tattooing can be used to represent something larger.

It’s a combination of the two main types of tattoos – the shark and the dove. 

As you can see, Araujas design is simple and easy to understand, with simple, but clear lines.

Araus’s design features a dove-like shape, but with a darker background.

This is due to the dark background Araus chose for his design.

Araucos design is very similar to Arauji’s, but his design is also very bold.

This type of design is not only a good tattoo, but a symbol for someone who is passionate about his or her craft.

Arauzo is also one of Araujamos best designs.

Arauras design features the same basic design as Araujonas, but is a little darker and more symbolic.

Araudas design also features the shark-like motif, but the shark is replaced by a dove.

Arauejo’s design also has the same simple design as the other two designs, and is a symbol of the love of nature.

It also has a black background.

Araújo’s logo, the red rose, is the symbol of Arauzs company, Araucas.

Araudejo’s designs are also very popular with tattoo artists.

They’re well known for their bold designs, but they can also be a bit difficult to get right.

Araunjo’s is also a very good choice. 

While Araujeros design might be hard to understand at first, you can get a good feel for the design by taking a look at the photos.

You can also take a look below to see how the design fits into the larger themes of the tattoos.


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