The first time I saw this story, I thought it was a bad joke.

And I’m not kidding, because it’s not funny.

The story goes like this: In 2012, Rihanna and the rest of her music world were having some trouble finding work.

A couple of days after the election, Rih went to a tattoo parlor and picked up a half sleeve tattoo on her left forearm.

That’s what you get if you’re a celebrity with a large tattoo on your arm.

She then went out to her favorite restaurant in New York and picked a chicken sandwich and a steak sandwich.

She ordered a beer and took a bite.

She got up to leave and went into the bathroom.

Her phone was ringing.

It was her manager, who wanted to know if she had the ink she needed for her tattoo.

She told him yes, she had it, he went to the tattoo parlour and she got the ink.

She was done with her life, she was ready to leave.

She went back home and finished up with the steak sandwich and the chicken sandwich.

Then she went to her dressing room to take a shower.

She came out and saw that her manager had called her to say she had a half-sleeve tattoo on one of her arms.

She wanted it removed.

She had a tattoo on both her arms and she didn’t want it on the other arm.

So she took her shirt off and put her hand over the tattoo, so she could feel the tattoo.

That was the moment she knew she had to get her tattoo removed.

After a few months of not getting work, Rih realized she needed to get rid of the tattoo permanently.

It wasn’t a joke.

The tattoo was on her arm for a reason.

She didn’t know why it was there, and she had never been in a tattoo studio before, but it was something she was going to get used to.

That night, she called her agent and asked if he would sign her for a deal that would keep her in her hometown of Jersey City, New Jersey.

The deal was that if she went back to New York, she would pay $10,000 and have her tattoo permanently removed.

So Rih said, “Fine, I’ll sign it.”

So she went out the next day and picked it up.

She put the shirt back on, put the steak and chicken sandwich back on.

She sat down and got dressed.

She walked into the restaurant and got the beer.

She stood at the table and said, I’m going to put this on and I’m getting my tattoo done right now.

She pulled the shirt off, took off the shirt, put it on her head, put her hair up.

Then, she put her clothes on and put on her makeup.

She left.

She waited in the car, and her manager came up to her and said to her, “I need to talk to you.

I need to find a new job.”

So he called her manager back and told her that she needed a new tattoo and that she should leave New York.

She took off her shirt and put the half sleeve on.

Then he asked her what her next move was going, and Rih said she was just going to go to Jersey City and get a tattoo.

So the next thing Rih heard was, “That’s where my manager’s going to come and take a look at me.”

And that was it.

That tattoo was her new life.

Rih has since found work.

In New York City, she gets paid $20 an hour for her work.

She has a tattoo in her right arm, which has a sign saying, I Am Rihanna.

She also has a half sleeved tattoo in both arms.

Her manager still calls her.

Rih is the face of a movement.

She’s got a song about her and she has a movie coming out.

And she’s the face that made people realize that people don’t have to look like her, that they can be themselves and still get the job they want.

The tattoos are a part of Rih’s identity.

It’s something that’s been in her DNA since she was a kid.

Her father was a tattoo artist and she would go to a gallery or a tattoo shop and try on designs.

So when Rih went through this, she didn’s not even know what to think.

She said to herself, “My father has a big tattoo on his arm.”

And she looked at her mother and said she has the same tattoo on hers.

She thought she had seen that one tattoo in one of the movies.

And then she said, Wow, she has that tattoo on my arm too.

She knew she was on to something.

She started going to the studios and she started getting jobs.

She found a new way to express herself.

Rih started doing street art, which is the term for what we do with our hands, where


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