The weird tattoos are a trend that’s just starting to hit the US, but a lot of these tattoos are just as strange and out of the ordinary as they sound.

We asked a few tattoo artists what makes a tattoo unique and they shared some stories of how they’ve created them.1.

A Skull TattooTattoo artist and tattoo artist Brian Mays has had his fair share of weird tattoos, including a skull tattoo, but this one is a little different.

Mays was inspired to create the tattoo after his dog, who’s been a bit of a mascot of his, died of a heart attack.

The dog’s owner was not thrilled with his tattoo because she thought it looked like the dog was dead.

Mains decided to create a tattoo that reflected that he was alive.

“It was pretty crazy, but I think people are just fascinated by the things that they see on their body,” he said.

“I like to think of my tattoos as a kind of a metaphor for life, and life is something that we can’t control.

It’s something that you have to accept.”

Mays’s tattoo features a skull with the words “I’m alive” written across it in white ink.2.

The American Traditional TattooOne tattoo artist and blogger, Sarah Karp, says her art is inspired by the traditional American tattoo.

“Tattoos are an integral part of my identity, and I think it’s a really fun way to express it,” she said.

Karp has her own custom tattoo studio in Los Angeles called the Miskatonic Tattoo, which she has opened since 2014.

“It was the first studio I ever opened,” she told us.

“In my early years of working as a tattoo artist, I would have a tattoo and then I’d just keep getting it wrong or getting the same color wrong or maybe I would get it wrong and it would look a little bit different.

But I just loved that I was getting it right.”

She says that she’s always found inspiration in the traditions of her people.

“For me, I always think of myself as a descendant of Native Americans, so that was really important to me,” she added.3.

A Skull TattooThe last tattoo artist to share their weird tattoo with us, Katie Daley, started out by writing a letter to a friend saying she wanted to tattoo her boyfriend’s severed head on her back.

“A lot of times it was really hard to find the right artist,” she explained.

“Then I found a guy that I liked a lot, and he had the same idea, so I just went and got him a tattoo.

He’s an American Traditional tattoo artist in New York City, and they did a lot to help me get the tattoo I was looking for.”

Daley says that while she loves her tattoo, she prefers not to show her tattoo to people.

She’s also a huge fan of the traditional Japanese tattoo, which is also a symbol of Japanese culture.

“My family’s Japanese and I really love that, so it’s kind of like a Japanese way of looking at tattoos,” she says.

“But I also think that it’s really weird that I’m wearing a Japanese headdress on my back and I’m tattooing it on my face.”4.

The Face TattooDating back to the early 2000s, the trend of the face tattoo has become quite popular in the US.

This tattoo is so much more than just a tattoo on your face.

It is also an expression of self-expression.

“Face tattoos are like tattoos on your neck and on your head,” said Karp.

“The face tattoo is more about expressing yourself, more than the tattoo itself.”

She explained that when you tattoo your face it’s like a mask, and it’s always in the same place, showing off your emotions.

“You can’t really change that, and if you change that you lose your mask,” she continued.

“If you want to get more serious about it, you can try using the face mask as a form of expression, and the face tattoos are really about that.”

Karp also believes that the face is an important part of our culture.

The US is the only nation on Earth without a national tattoo law, which allows artists to make one on the face, but only in certain situations.

“There are a lot more traditional tattoos that are more about the face than anything else, so when you put it on, it’s more about self expression,” she noted.5.

The Arm TattooThis is probably one of the most bizarre tattoos, and a bit difficult to describe in words.

It seems to be a combination of a skull and an American flag, which makes it more of a Native American symbol than an American one.

The tattoo artist said that they made the skull tattoo to honor a particular person that was a military veteran. “He was a


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