Black Widow Tattoo Parlours – 2 locations Melbourne – $19.99 per hour.

Black widow tattoo parlour in the CBD has been offering their unique tattoos and piercing for years.

Their customers are often referred to as “black widow” and are a huge part of the business.

In 2018, Black Widow has doubled their hours to 5pm and is offering a more intimate experience.

“Our tattoo artist is a real lady who takes pride in what she does,” owner Sarah Moulden said.

“She is a great tattoo artist, and we have great clients.”


The Bunnings Tattoo Studio – 2 venues Melbourne – FREE per hour for up to four hours.

The studio is a family run business.

They are famous for their tattoo parlor and also for their extensive tattoo gallery.

Owner Tony Bunnett has worked in the tattoo industry since 1995 and says the studio offers a unique experience.

He said the tattoo artists have “got it down to a science”.

The studio offers the best in tattoo, piercing and body art services. “

We’ve got to have the most talented tattoo artists in the world in the studio.”

The studio offers the best in tattoo, piercing and body art services.


Tattoo Artistry Tattoo – 2 Locations Melbourne – Free for up-to-four hours.

This is the most well-known tattoo shop in Melbourne.

“I started doing my own tattoo about 15 years ago,” tattoo artist Michael McBride said.

Michael McBRIDE said tattoo artists are an art form.

“People want to do something with their body, they want to feel it and they want it to be their own, they just want to be creative and unique.”

Tattoo artist Michael Beddoe has been in the business for 15 years.

“It’s like being in the paint shop,” he said.


Nelly Tattoo Shop – 2 sites Melbourne – Available for $15 per hour and up.

Nellys Tattoo shop is the second oldest tattoo shop and is the home of some of the best tattoo artists and tattoo artists’ associates in the city.

Owner, Nelly Jones said that when she opened Nelly’s tattoo shop 15 years back, it was the first tattoo shop she ever visited in Melbourne and she was “a little bit nervous”.

“I was scared to take a tattoo and see what it would look like,” she said.

Nelys tattoo shop is a one-stop shop for all the best tattoos, body art and piercings.

“My partner and I, we both work in this business, and I’ve got an amazing clientele,” Nelly said.


Black Beauty Tattoo Gallery – 1 location Melbourne – Open 24 hours and offer a range of services.

Black beauty tattoo parls are popular for their body art, piercing, body paint and tattoo parla…


Black Beauties tattoo parlcys is an intimate, professional and intimate tattoo shop.

The staff are very knowledgeable, caring and professional.

They have tattoos done by some of Australia’s best tattoo and piercing artists and will work with you to develop your own unique style.

Black beauties has two locations in the central business district of Melbourne.

They offer tattoo and body paint services, as well as a tattoo gallery, tattoo design and tattoo printing services.


Sticky Tattoo Studios – 2 establishments Melbourne – 2 hours per day and $12 per hour – Free.

Stickers and tattoos are a big part of Sticky’s business model.

Sticker design is the first and most popular way to create your own custom tattoo or tattoo designs.

“The tattoos are handmade and made from scratch,” said Sticky co-owner and tattoo artist Alex Gavitt.

We also offer body art for a fee.” “

For the best designs, we will have a stencil artist, then we will make the stencil from scratch and we will then send the finished stencil to them.

We also offer body art for a fee.”

Sticky has a wide range of tattoo designs and tattoo art services available for customers to enjoy.


Ink & Woe Tattoo School – 1 venue Melbourne – Opening hours vary depending on the time of year.

For an average of 20 hours per week, Ink & woe is an excellent place to learn about tattooing and tattooing design.

“They teach a range from beginner to advanced tattoo design classes, tattoo making and tattoo techniques,” owner, James McBain said.

Ink and Woe is a tattoo design school which has been open since 2006 and is one of the oldest tattoo school in Melbourne, McBains said.

They also offer tattoo making classes, piercing lessons and tattoo print making.


Tatto & Nellie Tattoo Bar – 1 establishment Melbourne – 1 hour per day, $11 per


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