By Gaurav BhatiaA new trend is surfacing in Gujarat.

Tattoo cover ups are popping up everywhere.

Some people are getting tattoos for cosmetic reasons.

Others are trying to cover up tattoos for religious reasons.

Tattoos are a major part of the state’s identity.

The state is famous for its religious and tribal cultures.

The tradition is known as mandala, which is Sanskrit for “golden” and is considered a sign of prosperity and wealth.

There is a huge number of tattoo covers in the state, many of them for religious and cultural reasons.

But a recent case in Allahabad, where a tattoo artist was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman on his job, raised the issue of how widespread the practice is.

A mandala covers up tattooed women for religious or aesthetic reasons.

Tattoo artist Shashi Vishwanath, the husband of an engineer, was convicted on Tuesday for sexually assaulting the woman, who worked at a factory.

In the first case, a woman’s tattoo was covered up by her family and neighbours for religious, economic or social reasons.

In a second case, another woman’s face was covered by her parents and neighbours to cover it up.

In one case, the man’s parents were allegedly forced to cover his face with a mandala.

The case against the mandala artist in Allahbanagar is being investigated by the Gujarat police.

He was arrested on Tuesday after a complaint by the woman’s father.

The mandala cover ups can be traced back to ancient times.

It was first covered by a mandalas or temples.

The temples were built during the Hindu period.

The Hindu tradition says that the golden ornaments and jewels were carved out of the golden thread of the mandalabas.

The mandalam is a sacred thread.

When the mandamas were built, it was believed that the people would be blessed by them.

The golden thread would bind their body to the golden temple.

In Hinduism, the mandlama is also a symbol of prosperity, wealth and power.

The people in Gujarat are known for their religion, which has been the bedrock of their identity for centuries.

However, religious practices like mandala can cause damage to the women’s dignity, according to experts.


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