When Cat’s tattoo ended, the veterinarian noticed the cat’s head had changed shape and a scar was starting to form.

He was looking for more clues about how to fix the problem. 

“I was very frustrated, because I didn’t want to just give up on the cat, and I didn´t want to throw her out,” he said.

“So I took it upon myself to try to figure out a way to fix it.” 

Cat tattooing isn’t uncommon in the United States, but it is still illegal. 

The Humane Society of the United Kingdom said it only takes around 20 seconds to complete a tattoo, and the procedure is painless. 

Veterinarians who perform the procedure say they can save a cat’s life and the environment, too. 

Dr. James Stapleton, the head of the UK’s cat tattoo clinic, told CNN that he has seen many cat owners struggle with their pets tattooed after their pets have had surgery.

“The cat is usually very excited when they get the tattoo,” he explained.

“The first tattoo is really exciting for them.

Then the second tattoo is very painful.

Then after that the third tattoo is actually quite painful.” 

“They’re going to be looking at it for a long time.”

Stapleton says he has also seen some owners who tattoo their cats after they’ve had surgery, but are still not entirely sure what they are getting.

“It is very important for them to get the proper diagnosis and treatment,” he told CNN. 

Stapley said the tattoo is usually done to address a problem that has already been addressed. 

He said the animal needs to be cared for, so it is not necessary to have surgery to fix a problem.

“We would love to see a cat that has an implant for a heart disease, and they would still be very excited,” he added.

“If they can’t see that, it’s time for them just to get out of there.”


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