A tattoo that reads “You are loved” on the body of a 16-year-old girl helped a group of children in South Carolina to get over a difficult experience, but it was also a challenge for some, including her mother, who wanted to find a way to protect her daughter.

The tattoo, by artist Kelly L. White, was placed on her arm in January after she was killed by a gunman.

“I wanted her to know that there’s nothing in this world that I can’t handle,” said her mother Kelly White, of Boca Raton, Florida.

White says she got the tattoo after she watched a video of the killing of her daughter and wondered if she could help.

She found the tattoo at the University of South Carolina and decided to give it a try.

Kelly White says she gets a lot of calls from people who want to get tattoos, but sometimes they don’t know what they’re looking for or what they need.

So she decided to write a letter to the artist to get a tattoo.

“She asked me if she had any questions, so I wrote her back a letter,” White said.

In the letter, Kelly wrote, “What do I need to get this tattoo?

What do you need to do to get it?

Can I get it when I get home?”

White said she wanted to keep it personal.

It is one of many ways White says her daughter has been able to heal.

Since she was 16, White says, she has been dealing with nightmares, anger and depression.

Last summer, after being in a car accident, she had a vision and realized she was going to die.

White says the tattoo on her daughter’s arm helped her understand that she wasn’t alone.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel loved.

We can love anyone,” she said.

But White says it is a complicated process to get the tattoo.

She says she will probably need to have the tattoo removed because the sun is a lot hotter in Florida than in South Florida.

White said that even if the tattoo is removed, she hopes it will bring her some peace.


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