Rihanna’s wolf tattoo, a nod to the iconic song by the band The Weeknd, is being used to inspire tattoos on an array of animals, and the singer’s body has already been transformed into a wolf for the tattoo artist.

The tattoos on the singer are inspired by her signature hairstyle, and she uses a specially-designed, high-tech brush to ink the designs into her skin, with the skin covered in wolf fur. 

As a result, Rihanna is now the only celebrity in history to have a wolf tattoo on her face.

“I’m a big fan of the Wolfman, he’s a badass,” Rihanna said during an interview with Rolling Stone last year.

“He has such a badass face.”

Rihanna then said that she’d “like to have my face covered in fur, too.”

“He’s my favorite, but I’ll definitely try to get a wolf one.

I love animals.

I’ve been a big wolf fan for years.

It’s a very natural look,” Rihannas mother, Tammie, told People. 

“The Wolfman” inspired Rihanna to ink her tattoo into the skin of a wolf, the artist said, and to add “a bit of the animal in the back of my mind” as a symbol of her love for animals.

The tattoo artist has also been inspired by a number of animals that Rihanna has been inspired to have, from elephants to wolves to tigers, according to People.

In the case of Rihanna, the animal tattoo represents the song’s “Mama” song, and it was inspired by the singer holding the “Tiger” sign, the word of the day of the week, as a tiger, according the artist.


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