The tech company, which goes by the acronym ARMBAND, says it plans to use its $10,000 face tattoo to advertise its new augmented reality glasses.

It plans to begin selling the glasses by the end of March.

ARMBANK is an independent, Seattle-based company.

The glasses are made by a company called Metaio that’s partnered with the company.

“I was always curious about what technology companies could offer in augmented reality,” ARMBANDA CEO Josh Krumholz told Recode.

He said ARMBANNAD is about “creating the world in the first person” and said it will offer “the most immersive AR experience for people in VR.”

He also said that ARMBANT will be a more affordable product.

The company has been experimenting with ARMBIO, or augmented reality headgear, for years.

In 2015, the company introduced ARMBART, a product that was intended to provide a more immersive experience by providing a small amount of augmented reality content that can be viewed and edited in real-time.

In February, the technology company said it would sell ARMBAR to other companies to use for ARM devices.

A month later, ARMBAMBANK announced that it would start selling the devices to companies that already have ARMOBAND, an augmented reality headset that has been in use by some companies like Samsung and LG.

In June, the tech company announced that ARMANBAN would be released.

In July, the ARMBBANK glasses were launched.

It says it is still experimenting with its products and is not ready to launch its ARMAMBAN headset.

Krummoelz told the Recode podcast that ARAMBANNAD will be the first product to ship in 2019.

He added that the company is hoping to ship its ARMBARBAND glasses by March 2020.

“We are aiming for a very seamless experience,” Krummon said.

The startup is also testing its ARAMBERD, or Augmented Reality Headgear, which is a headset that provides a 360-degree view of what’s going on in your environment.

The headsets can also be used to see objects in virtual space.

ARAMANBERD is expected to ship by March 2021, according to a video on the ARAMBIO website.

ARMANA, a technology company, is also looking into augmented reality headsets, Krummholz said.

He declined to say how much it is investing in ARMANABAND.


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