A tattoo of a tiger on the forearm has been added to a tattoo that once belonged to the Australian prime minister.

The Prime Minister’s Office said on Wednesday that the tattoo of the tiger was removed on April 24, as the tattoo artist in question was no longer working for the PMO.

“I was told by the tattooist he was no more with the PM,” Mr Turnbull told ABC Radio.

We can’t keep him’Mr Turnbull, who is the prime minister’s son, was told the tattoo had been removed by the Government.””

I was not aware at the time it was a tattoo.”‘

We can’t keep him’Mr Turnbull, who is the prime minister’s son, was told the tattoo had been removed by the Government.

“He is no longer a part of the Government,” the PM said.

Mr Turnbull said he was “truly, truly, deeply disappointed” by the incident.

“This is a personal issue between the Prime Ministers of Australia and Australia.

It’s something we’ve got to get over,” he said.”

The tattoo was done in a private area and in the privacy of my own home.”

He added that the Prime minister had “nothing to do” with the tattoo.

Mr Abbott, who was Prime Minister from 2004 to 2010, also had a tiger tattoo removed in 2012, when he became the first sitting Australian prime to be convicted of criminal conduct.

The PM’s office said the tattoo removal was done to protect the Prime ministers private life.

“Mr Abbott had no knowledge of the removal of the tattoo,” the statement said.

The tattoo removal comes after the PM’s chief of staff and chief of the defence staff, Andrew Bolt, resigned from the Defence Department in April, amid the furor over a leaked video in which Mr Bolt was seen boasting about a sexual relationship with a woman in his office.


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