What’s the best way to pay a dick?

This question is one of the most asked questions on Reddit.

Here are some tips.


The best way is to get a dick that has been cut into strips, a method known as an “edge cut.”

If you don’t have an edge cut, cut a piece of plastic to your length, then sew a strip across it. 2.

If you’re lucky, you can get a cut of meat that’s only 2 or 3 inches long, or just a small piece of beef that’s about the size of your thumb.


You can also buy a piece from a butcher, where you’ll get the entire piece for $15.


If it’s a big, fat piece, you’ll need to cut it with a knife or razor blade.

But if it’s just a piece that’s barely bigger than your thumb, you’re more likely to get the whole thing.


You’ll also need to order a tattoo, which will be a piece with an eye.

You might be able to get it done in a few hours or days.


The other option is to order an “inked piece.”

This involves cutting off an area of your body, then applying the ink to a piece you want to have the tattooed.

This is more labor-intensive than a knife-and-razor, but it’s generally faster.


If all else fails, you could try the tattooing of a penis, but you may be stuck with a tattoo that isn’t perfect, or the ink isn’t visible when you look at it from the outside.


If this isn’t a good option for you, there are some cheaper options, which also involve cutting off your own skin.


If that’s not an option, the best alternative is a dick-shaped “pussy tattoo.”

This is a tattoo with the words “puss fucks” or “pussss” written on it, and a picture of a woman’s vagina.


Inking is done by taking two strips of tissue and applying them to a penis that’s just barely visible from the inside.


You don’t need a fancy penknife, just a sharp object with a flat blade.


This method can be a little time-consuming and expensive, but can also make your dick look pretty.


You could also try putting a condom on your penis, then getting it tattooed with the same technique.


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