What happens when you’re not just a tattoo artist, but an angel tattoo artist?

You can’t have a tattoo that’s just a representation of a tattooed person, and that’s a problem that hip-hop artist, Angel Rodriguez, knows.

Angel is a tattooer from the South Bronx, New York, and a member of the hip-hops crew The Roots.

Angel was born and raised in the Bronx and now lives in the suburbs of Manhattan.

In his spare time, Angel has been making tattoos since he was 10 years old.

Angel began tattooing in his teens, when he learned how to use his left hand to make intricate designs.

“I would be getting these designs, I would draw on a piece of paper, I could draw lines on the paper and I would start writing down what I wanted,” Angel says.

“Then I would write down what the lines were.

“It was a little black-and-white drawing of me with my name, and it said, ‘The Best Way To Die is By Doing Nothing.’ “

That was it. “

It was a little black-and-white drawing of me with my name, and it said, ‘The Best Way To Die is By Doing Nothing.’

That was it.

That was the tattoo.

The first tattoo was of me, and I had a huge smile on my face.”

In the meantime, Angel worked as a tattoo parlor, then as a model, and eventually as a musician.

In 2006, Angel began to get more serious about tattooing, and in 2009 he began making angel tattoos.

“I just thought, ‘I want to make something that’s beautiful and that looks good,’ ” Angel says, “and I’m just getting really good at it.”

After about a year of working as a stylist and artist, he decided to start making hip-hip tattoos.

He started out by adding the name of his favorite rapper, Lil’ Wayne, on the tattoo, but eventually he started using his own name.

Angel is known as the most famous hip-hopper in New York City, and his tattoos are often a hit with fans.

In the past decade, Angel’s work has grown to include more tattoos than anyone else in the city.

“A lot of people know my name because of my tattoos, but I also get a lot of attention because of how I get paid,” Angel said.

“Most artists, if they make a lot, they’re not able to keep their business going.

My business is still going, but they’re paying me $10,000 a month, so they’re going to take that money and put it into a trust fund, which is why I’m getting so much attention.”

Angel’s latest angel tattoo was a photo of himself and rapper Young Thug, with the caption, “You’re always right.

You just need to get in touch with yourself.”

The new work is an homage to the rapper’s lyrics, which are filled with references to his music, his family, and Lil Wayne.

Angel started by drawing the image of Lil Wayne on a whiteboard, but when he realized that his tattoos would be more prominent on his chest, he made the image red and black, with Lil Wayne’s face in the middle.

Angel says he was inspired by Lil Wayne when he got his tattoo, and now he wants to make his own version of the same image.

“That image is very close to the one Lil Wayne has tattooed,” Angel told me.

“The way I got it is very different.

I had to get a red and a black tattooed image of myself, and so I just did it, and then I just took a picture of my own chest and made my own version.

That’s what I did.”

The other side of Angel’s “Youre always right” tattoo is a nod to his childhood home, where Lil Wayne lived.

The artist says that Lil Wayne is one of the most popular people he knows, and he hopes to inspire people to think critically about their tattoos.

“He’s been on the cover of People magazine, and every single time, I get a text from people, like, I’m going to see this person and I’m like, wow, I really like this person, I want to meet him, I just want to hang out with him.

He’s one of my favorite people,” Angel explains.

“So when I see people doing a Lil Wayne tattoo, I see a reflection of myself on my own body, and there’s a huge responsibility that comes with that.

I think that people need to ask themselves, ‘Do I really want to be that guy on this tattoo?'”


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