Elephant tattoos are becoming a trend in Africa and a growing market.

Elephant tattoo artists in Botswana are using their knowledge and experience to make the most beautiful and unique elephant tattoo possible.

They are also looking for tattoo artists to help them produce the most unique elephant tattoos in Africa.

The African Elephant Tattoos and Tattoo Designers Association (AETDA) is a registered trade association for African Elephant tattooing and tattooing designs.

Its purpose is to promote and promote the art of elephant tattooing.

AETSA’s primary mission is to advance the art, design, production and trade of elephant tattoos.

It also promotes the conservation of African elephant and other species.AETCA is based in the southern African city of Kano, which has become the epicentre of elephant trade.

Many African elephants are killed for their horns, but many are taken for their ivory.

Kano is the hub of the trade, with elephants trading elephants, elephants meat and ivory.

The AETDA has partnered with the Botswana Elephant Society to create a program that encourages local elephant tattooists to come to Botswana to sell their ivory for profit.

Each tattoo artist will earn between $300 and $1,000 and can earn up to $20,000 in revenue annually.

With the assistance of AETCA, the Botswanans Elephant Tattors will create the most stunning elephant tattoo in Africa for the public to see and feel.

This is the story of the Botswans Elephant tattoo artist, who is trying to make a difference in Africa’s elephant trade by giving his unique and beautiful tattoos to people in need.

Read more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-36993835 AEPTDA website: http://www1.aetsa.org/about/ AETSA website: http/1.eeta.org AETTA website:http/1/1 AETZA website:


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