Phoenix tattoo artist Jeff Gentry explains the process of getting a tattoo on your neck and breast.

He says that he prefers to get a tattoo that is the opposite of your own body.

Jeff Gersen is a tattoo artist from Phoenix, Arizona who specializes in piercing and tattooing.

He’s the owner of tattoo parlor The Phoenix Tattoos.

He and his tattoo artist friends work out of a studio in Phoenix, which is on the other side of the country.

Jeff says that they get the tattoo done with a laser.

This allows for a more precise cut.

The artist then applies a base layer of paint to the tattoo.

After a week of working with the base, the tattoo artist puts the piece back together and applies the final layer of skin.

In Jeff’s opinion, a tattoo like the one shown above is like a tattoo for people who like to have tattoos done on their bodies.

He explains that the design is so specific and the colors are so different, you can really see that they’re not the same.

Jeff also says that you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the size of the tattoo, as it might take a little bit of time to make it.

Jeff explains that it is important to keep in mind that it takes a bit of practice to get the look right.

He recommends that you start by getting some ideas for your own skin color and then add more skin tones over time.

When the tattoo is done, the artist can leave the piece in the studio for about two weeks before putting it back on.

If you’re looking to get your own tattoo, Jeff suggests that you have a friend or family member go through the process.

The process can be done on your own or at a local tattoo parlour.

It’s also important to pay attention to the size and shape of your tattoo.

Jeff recommends that the tattoo be about the same size as your head or neck.

He also suggests that it should not be too big, and that you can’t go too big.

It may also be helpful to ask the tattoo artists to make a note of where the piece should go.

Jeff then says that once you’re done, you’ll need to take a picture of the piece and send it back to him.


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