A tattoo artist has discovered a way to give the most Jesus-inspired tattoos a Jesus-like look.

A team of Australian tattoo artists has discovered that a tattoo with a gold cross on top of the heart, which is popular among Jehovah’s Witnesses, can make you more like Jesus.

The tattoo is designed by a tattoo artist called J.E. Jones and his team at the Tattoo and Body Art Studio in Sydney’s CBD.

“The reason we did the heart tattoo was to give a bit of a bit more of a look that it was Jesus and not just the church,” Mr Jones told ABC News.

“If you go to a Jehovah’s Witness church, you can see people wearing a lot of different kinds of tattoos and we wanted to give them a bit less of a religious look.”

Mr Jones said his tattoos were originally designed to look like a heart, but after his wife died he decided to change the design.

“She had died, and the idea was to just use her ashes as the heart and just make a heart out of her ashes,” he said.

“So we thought it would look really nice to do that, so I just put her ashes on it and I made it the heart.”

We wanted to have a heart and a cross in the middle, so that was the inspiration for the tattoo.

“Mr Evans said the tattoo was inspired by the cross on Jesus’s head.”

The most Jesus tattoo’The tattoo was designed by J. E. Jones, and Mr Evans says the result is the most Christlike tattoo you’ll ever have.””

We thought it might be interesting to see how Jesus would have been if he had been a little more spiritual.”‘

The most Jesus tattoo’The tattoo was designed by J. E. Jones, and Mr Evans says the result is the most Christlike tattoo you’ll ever have.

“It’s the most amazing tattoo I’ve ever done,” Mr Ejds said.

Mr Jones explained that his team came up with the idea for the ‘Jesus tattoo’ after seeing the tattoo on a tattooist who was working with Jehovah’s witnesses.

“They were using a very simple cross tattoo, and it was getting a bit too boring,” Mr Jekds said in a video posted on the Tattojo website.

“I had this idea to do something different, and to make it more interesting.

So I made the heart-shaped tattoo.”‘

A bit of Jesus’The idea for a tattoo like that started with a simple cross on a simple piece of metal.

Mr Evans says that when he had the idea to make the tattoo he thought it could look good on a human skin.

“When you think about it, the cross is a symbol of love, it is a sign of trust, and so it was a bit strange to use a cross on something like that,” he explained.

“But the more I thought about it the more it started to look so much like Jesus.”

Mr Ejss said that the tattoo has a very low level of spiritual meaning.

“To me, it was just a bit Jesus,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“And if I can put it that way, I suppose it was the most ‘Christlike’ tattoo I have ever had.”

Mr Jekss said the ‘Heart Tattoo’ is the second tattoo he has created.

He first made a tattoo inspired by a crucifixion scene, and then a tattoo featuring the head of a baby Jesus.

“You know, the first time I did a crucifix-themed tattoo I got it wrong because it was an image of the baby Jesus, and I had it wrong, so the second time I thought I’d go a bit darker and a bit different,” he laughed.

“This is my version of a crucifix tattoo.

It’s a bit ‘christlike’ in the sense that I’m using the crucified head of Jesus on my skin.”

Mr James said he hopes that people will be inspired to try and emulate Jesus tattoos.

“People are going to want to do it and it will make them feel like they are a little bit closer to God and Jesus than they are already,” he says.

“That is a good thing, it makes you feel closer to the Father and Jesus.”

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