A family tree of the UK is now growing on the internet.

The Royal Family and the Queen have been known to make big, colourful tattoos on the backs of their necks, often with their family’s names. 

Now a Royal Family family member is showing off what they’ve been up to with their own tattoo on their neck. 

It’s a family tree tattoo for the family of Prince William and Duchess Kate. 

The Royal Family member is known as King James, and he’s also known as Prince Harry, Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Cornwall. 

His tattoo is on his right side, above the right ear, with his family’s name written in the middle. 

“This tattoo is to remember all the amazing people who made me and my family proud,” the tattooed royal said in a video posted to Facebook. 

Queen Elizabeth II has a more complicated tattoo, with a red heart, above her right eye. 

She’s known as Queen Elizabeth I, but the royal family is known to be a bit different to the rest of us. 

They have a more traditional style of tattoos. 

A photo posted by Queen Elizabeth II (@royal_emperor) on Jan 19, 2018 at 12:15pm PST  The royal family’s tattoo is not on the same level as a personalised portrait, but it does feature the family’s last name and the name of the family member in question. 

In a video published to Facebook, the tattooer said he decided to have a family portrait tattoo because he liked the idea of the monarch as a person and a leader.

“My father was my great-grandfather, and my grandfather was my grandfather,” he said.

“I felt a strong connection to my father and grandfather, so I decided to do this family portrait because I think it was important to honour them and remember their contributions.” 

The tattooed family member said he was very proud of the tattoo. 

Queen Victoria, who was Queen in 1901, is known for her family portraits, but there’s a tradition of making a family tattoo for a loved one’s children. “

My brother, who I have a very close relationship with, was the first to get the tattoo, he was the one that said I was good, I was really good at it.” 

Queen Victoria, who was Queen in 1901, is known for her family portraits, but there’s a tradition of making a family tattoo for a loved one’s children. 

One of the first family portraits to be made was for Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Margaret, who also had a tattoo on her neck.

“I wanted to give my daughter a tattoo because she has a very special gift,” the Royal Family tattooed member said in the video. 

He explained how he got the tattoo and the reason why he decided on it.

“It’s to remember her, the princess who died of a coronaviral infection,” he explained.

“It was a very personal decision, and I knew that I would be receiving a tattoo for that.” 

“It was also to honour my parents, and it was a personal decision to have my father’s name on it,” he added.

“My mother died of cancer in 1997, so she’s on my left, so it was fitting that I get her name on the tattoo.” 

This family portrait was done by a Royal family member. 

Prince Charles, Princess Charlotte and Duke of Edinburgh have also made royal family tattoos.

The Queen’s family has had many different family portraits made, and has also had royal family members make tattoos.

Prince Harry also made a family picture tattoo, but that one is for the Queen’s son, Prince Harry Jr. What do you think?

Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Source: News24.com


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