Chinese tattoo artist Chang-Chang Lee has been tattooing for nearly 30 years.

But this time, he chose to give the word “M” a new meaning.

Lee has been a tattoo artist in Korea for over 40 years, and he’s been a member of the Korean Tattoo Society for almost 30 years now.

Lee was born in North Korea and grew up in a family of tattoo artists.

In 1996, Lee left North Korea to join the tattooing business in China, where he worked for four years.

He has been working in China for a long time.

The tattoos on his arms and legs are just one of the reasons why Lee loves tattooing.

Lee says the word M tattoo is a very sacred word in China.

He explained that tattooing is one of those things that, in order to understand, you have to be immersed in the culture.

“For me, it was the most important part of my journey in tattooing because I was taught how to make a tattoo,” Lee said.

“So I always wanted to do something like this, but I never thought that this would be the way I would go.”

The tattoo on Lee’s arms is a symbol of rebirth and rebirth.

He said it was important for him to be able to tell the story of a tattoo.

“To show my country, I want to tell about my past, to tell my people,” Lee told HuffPost.

Lee said his first tattoo was a black man on his left arm.

“I had this black tattoo on my arm that said ‘M’ and a symbol for the word ‘reaper.'”

After that, I wanted to tattoo a black woman.

I felt like a reincarnation of the black man.

“Lee said he had a black and white picture on his tattoo that he chose because he wanted to be “as pure as possible” and he wanted his tattoos to represent purity.”

I wanted to make the tattoos in the same color as the image of the person I was talking about,” Lee explained.

I wanted a black tattoo, but also a white one.

The tattoos are made with black ink and white paint. “

Because it’s my blood.”

The tattoos are made with black ink and white paint.

He says he can see his tattoo in the mirror.

“When you put it on, it’s very clear, very transparent.

It’s a very pure and real tattoo,” he explained.

The first tattoo that Lee has done is for the Grim Reaper.

He called it “The King’s Death” because he says it’s a symbolic meaning for the Chinese and Korean people.

Lee’s tattoos are a mixture of black ink, white paint and a black ink called konbini.

He also says he uses the name “reaper” to make it seem more like a traditional Chinese or Korean tattoo.

Lee said that he started out with about 20,000 to 25,000 of the original 20,500 to 30,000 black ink tattoos he had done.

Lee explained that he has been called the “king of black tattoos.”

“I am the king of black tattooers, but there are many other black tattoo artists,” he said.

Lee is not afraid of controversy.

“If there’s an incident, I have to deal with it.

I do not hide my identity,” he told HuffPost when asked about how he reacts to criticism from people who criticize his work.”

It’s not that I’m not proud of my work.

I am proud of what I do.

But I am also not afraid to have a conversation about it.”


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