Aries is one of the many deities associated with the Hindu god Shiva.

But while Aries has been associated with both physical and mental phenomena, his tattoo reveals a greater cosmic meaning.

Aries tattoo is made of gold and red with a blue border on the right.

“The tattoo is supposed to reveal the power of the universe, the beauty and the darkness of the human soul,” says Ajay Prasad, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

“The beauty of Shiva, the sun, and the earth, is represented in this tattoo.

This is a cosmic meaning of the tattoo.”

The tattoo was done by a woman who was inspired by the Hindu scriptures.

The woman, called Sita, has chosen to have a tattoo of the Hindu goddess of love, Aries, on her right arm.

Sita is also known as the sun goddess and is associated with water.

Her tattoos are very much in line with the teachings of her religious community.

She is a devout Hindu who has always believed in her Hindu deity and is deeply involved in the rituals of the community.

“This is her way of honoring her Goddess, and her religion,” Prasada says.

Prasad says Sita’s tattoo was inspired in part by the writings of a scholar named Krishna.

Krishna was also a devotee of Sita and the two had a special relationship.

In addition to the tattoo, Sita has tattoos of Shiva on her arms and hands.

Although the tattoo has been in the artist’s possession for nearly a year, it has only been on display for a few weeks.

Prasads work is a collaborative effort between the university and the tattoo artist.

He says it is an artistic interpretation of Siva, a Hindu goddess who is often associated with love and beauty.

While there are many meanings to the tattoos, the tattoo of Aries shows the essence of both the physical and spiritual aspects of the cosmos.

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